Friday, 11 April 2014

Seeking patient representatives in Yorkshire region

Can you help us in our research?
We are a group of researchers at the University of York carrying out research into the use of orthotic devices to help adults with neuromuscular conditions who have an unstable knee.
We are seeking two people who can bring the perspective of patients to our Project Advisory Group.
The role of the Project Advisory Group is to make sure that the research takes into consideration the views of patients and healthcare professionals and to ensure the research is of a high standard. The project will last 12 months and started on 1st April 2014. The group will meet three times over the year. We might also contact you occasionally in between meetings. We are seeking two people who
·                Have been offered an orthotic device to help with knee problems related to a neuromuscular condition
·                Are comfortable working as part of a small team
·                Are willing to share their opinions at a meeting and listen to the views of others
·                Are able to attend three Advisory Group meetings at the University of York– so live within easy travelling distance of York
You do not need to have any research experience just an enthusiasm and interest in the project. Information about the research and the team is available in our other blogs and pages.
If you would like to join us, please send an email to Catriona McDaid at explaining why you would like to join the Project Advisory Group by Friday 25th April.  You can also email Catriona if you have any queries about this role or would like further information.                       
Thank you for your interest.

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