Monday, 2 February 2015

Survey of health professionals: analysis begins.

Our survey of health professionals is now closed and we are starting on the analysis of the data collected in the online questionnaire. This will involve a relatively straightforward descriptions of the data collected for presentation in the final report. For example, we will look at how many members of the different health professions filled in our questionnaire; how many of them see patients with neuromuscular diseases such as polio; what the different ways of working, are such as working in stand-alone clinics or as part of a multidisciplinary facility. This may sound a bit basic, but currently this information is unknown. We hope to provide a much better picture of what and how orthotic services are delivered in the UK. 

Now we have closed the survey so we can download all the responses collected into a spreadsheet. Each response has a unique identifier so responses to each question by each individual can be tracked without being able to identify the person themselves. We will then ‘code’ the responses so the statistical package can perform the analysis. This simply means all the answer choices have a number assigned to them. For example, the answers to the question “What is your gender?” would be coded as 1 for male and 2 for female. We will use simple statistics such as means (the average value) and modes (the more frequent value); and frequency tables and cross-tabulations to present our results in the final report. For the free text responses we will be using qualitative analysis techniques to identify all the issues raised and will present these findings in a descriptive narrative.

Many thanks again to all our respondents, your time is much appreciated and will form an important part of the findings of our project.

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