Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Pulling everything together

We are now at the stage of reviewing the evidence and information collected in the various elements of this project and starting to interpret the findings. To assist in this process we are tapping into health professional and research methods expertise from the project Advisory Group.

At our third Advisory Group meeting the research team gave an update on each of the elements of this project. The systematic review has been completed and the discussion and recommendations sections are being compiled. The survey of health professionals has closed and the responses collated for analysis. The third element, the qualitative study of patients’ perspectives is almost complete with just a few more interviews to be held. In the meantime we have started coding and the data emerging are looking very informative in relation to the questions we set out to answer.

Meeting with the Advisory Group was a chance for the research team to ask the health professionals for their thoughts and advice. For example there was a discussion about how often patients are reviewed to assess how they are managing with an orthotic, a question in the healthcare professional survey. The Advisory Group suggested comparing this information with BAPO guidance on frequency of patient review. Some of the survey respondents dealt with in-patient groups and after discussion with the Advisory Group we will try to separate out the in-patient and out-patient results.

The next stage now is to complete the analysis of the qualitative study and write the full report for submission to our funders, the NIHR HTA programme. Once they received the report they will check it and send it out to external peer review. We will be asked to address any comments from the peer reviewers and then the report will be published in the NIHR journal library. We will also be disseminating the findings in a variety of other ways – which we will tell you about in another blog.

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